The only one that toasts it better than you


Aliméntate mas saludable

El pan ha sido reemplazado en muchos casos por productos menos saludables, solo porque es incómodo prepararlo. No tarda mucho tiempo en tostarse, pero hay que estar pendiente y con frecuencia el resultado es malo.

Con la TAM, puedes incluso poner en marcha la tostadora justo antes de ir a La Cocina a desayunar, donde te esperará la tostada en su punto lista para comer.

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The only home appliance that toasts it better than you

Because it uses artificial vision (technology patented in 2008) to make sure the bread is toasted as you like it and is never burned.
¿The difference? The TAM is “watching” the toasting process all the time, just like you do when you toast bread or make pizza, but the TAM never looks away.

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There's More...

You can start toasting from your mobile phone. Once it is ready, it stops, lets you know and keeps the product warm.


4 elements on the bottom and 4 more on top which are controlled automatically and independently.

Get uniform toasting and baking

The TAM´s brain runs the 8 heating elements independently, regulating their power to adapt themselves to the food being toasted as well as toasting progress.

Technical specifications


Improve your eating habits, make the most of the recipes the TAM´s suggests, avoid burning bread which can be harmful to health.
Simply press the start button on the toaster or on your phone and you will obtain the tastiest toast possible.
Protect your home and your family. Fire prevention system, and heating elements out of the user´s reach.
No waiting
Spend your time doing other things; the toaster toasts, stops automatically and keeps the bread warm until you're ready.
No more burned bread going to waste!
Interact with others, share your favourite recipes and delight your family and friends with recipes from others.
Voice control options and selectable text size for everyone’s needs.
And much more
Weather forecast information in real time whenever you need it. User configurable.


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